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About us ?

About us ?

Protec Group is a key player in surface treatment and special processes. The expert knowledge, skill and collaborative approach of the 220 staff on our two production sites enable us to provide solutions for customers in both the industrial and decorative sectors. Our broad client base is made up of primes from the aeronautical and luxury goods industries, as well as SMEs, designers and architects.

Environmental protection is an intrinsic part of our work ethic and both our sites fully comply with environmental legislation.

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The group

Media and Crafts

Media and Crafts

Operational and support Staff
Operational and support Staff

Operational staff
Coater, surface treatment operator, aeronautic controller, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant controller, jigger, sander, production agent, industrial painter, polisher, chemist, 

The knowledge and expertise of our operational staff and their continual development and training are crucial to the company's growth and position as a leader in surface treatment.

Support staff
Quality, research and development, security, environment, maintenance, IT, human resources, accounting, 
Support staff work towards the development of the company on a daily basis and are essential for ensuring team performance and maintaining the group's competitiveness.

Processing of materials
Processing of materials

Our production units allow us to bring custom-made solutions and to propose specific rocessings.
Workshops dedicated for:
- The electrolytic and chemical processings - The processings of conversion
- The processings high range the plating
- The mechanical preparation
- The polishing
- The non-destructive testing
- The applications paintings and varnish

Media and Crafts



Protec Group On video

Protec Group
The environmental management

Pollution and nuisances are mainly caused by the use of dangerous substances in the surface treatment processes. They have to be handled in accordance with current environmental legislation and require the strict application of health and safety measures in the workshops.

Protec is not only committed to complying with environmental legislation but also to exceeding it, and is constantly looking for ways to minimise the environmental impact of its activities.

Environmental protection is a priority for Protec. We are certified ISO 14 001 and have put into place an eco-management and audit system.

The environmental management

Since 2013, a "zero waste" water treatment plant in Bezons

- 90% reduction of water consumption
- Improved rinsing function
- Protec is ahead of regulations

"Green" processes

- Tartaric sulfuric anodizing
- Zinc nickel plating
- Stainless steel passivation (chromium VI free)
- Water-based paint application

 Hygiene and safety

- Fire Prevention = 24/7 Securing and Pilot Site SDIS 95
- Chemical Risk Prevention :
* Staff training plan
* Technological Risks Prevention Plan

PROTEC Group is a member of the Managers Network for Environment and Sustainable Development